Thursday, December 23, 2010

it all happened a little too late
cuz i waited a little too long
got caught up in the moment
of bein young n dumb
let myself settle for somethin easy
that turned out to be way too hard
a long distance love
turned into a dark cloud
raining constantly on my parade
taking every ounce of my time
gave him my heart n my soul
only to find he betrayed me over time
coulda had a real love
if i woulda been more patient
saw u before life made ur heart cold
n now u wont let me save it
cant believe i had u within my grasp
so close i can still see u sittin there
but i was too shy n had my eyes fixed
on someone who had my vision impaired

borrowed happiness

it's crazy how they never really see u til ur gone
n even then they dont realize 
how much they did u wrong
n u tried to stick it out n be strong
hoping eventually they'd quit leading u on
but they stay focused on the fast chicks
the ones they can say hi n bye to
cuz they dont really mean shit
n u just watch n wonder 
who is this bitch?
she cant even compare to me
yet she's the one he wanna be with
even if it's just one night
they get loose off the Henny 
n they ready to let it all out
tell u things they wouldnt dare say
if u were to call em out
but it's those late night conversations
the things he whispers in my ear
that put this stupid smile on my face
cuz it's wut i wanna hear
n i kno that half the things he's tellin me
he wont let me hold him to tomorrow
but ill take a little slice of those high hopes
cuz happiness can only be borrowed