Thursday, February 3, 2011

if u love somethin let it go...

...n if it comes back then that's how u kno

i really suck at updating my blog :/ sorry ya'll!

sooo much has been goin on. so much stress. i'm confused n heartbroken. i hate being single cuz i kno that me n my ex have a really deep connection. it's hard to explain, but i can't get him outta my mind. no matter how hard i try i just feel like there's unfinished business between us. he was my best friend. n even tho we had a lot of bad times, the good times were really really amazing.

he's my soul's angel. period.
other than that a good friend of mine was murdered. shot in the head by someone that met him the night before. they were staying in the same apartment with a mutual "friend". crazy shit. it breaks my heart.

overall i'm mentally n emotionally exhausted. i need a vacation away from everything so i can just think. i need to make a decision about wut i'm gonna do with my life. pray for me loves♥


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