Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hello world :)

sooo this is my first post on this lovely blog =) i usually post on my myspace blogs, but i haven't been keeping up with it so i decided to do this instead! i ♥ blogging!

anyway, i just got back from a nice week-long vacation in Florida. it wasn't quite what i expected it to be, but i had fun nonetheless. i can't wait to move to Orlando and start school. ooo wee! i toured the school i'll be attending (Full Sail University) and even though it was my second time touring the school it was SUPER EXCITING =)

on another note...i can't stand fake bitches. ha! for real though i really think some people thrive on drama! why? just grow up people! and i've noticed that most of the people i've remained really good friends with are guys. still got a few down ass bitches though! ♥ you ladies!

and lemme leave you with this...in the words of DMX "you wack-you're twisted-your girls a hoe-you're broke-the kid ain't yours-and everybody know" lol silly hoes


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